I've left Twitter! New blog

I'm no longer logging into social media to post. I'm posting at blog.w4rner.com and syndicating out.

Bio Blurb

w4rner is how Laurence Warner signs off on his code. He received a M.A. in computational social science from U Chicago in 2019. He is the host of "net:work? A Fulbrighter Conversation" the network's flagship longform content series. He was one of the directors and animators of CrystalCUBED, a Design Center who did a recent 22-minute computer generated animation about turning a Flip Phone inside out. He is also one of the authors of DinnerSpinner developed in collaboration between Fast Feed Apps and U Chicago. His areas of interest include interactive 3D graphics and user interfaces.

More late-breaking bio news: he is one of the directors and educators of agileEducation. He'll be lecturing at the Visualizing Apps course and speaking on Graphics through the Internet.

Graphics Links

Real Life

Onward to the first person. My real life interests include

Finally, Boris's Bridge is one of the greatest cartoons in the universe. (The other is Dilbert.)

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Cerulean City

flipPh.one: (351) 333-0045
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Email: [email protected] (encryptable via ProtonMail)

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This web page is a homage to Tamara Munzner's, one of the first ever bio pages. ("Dark Mode").